Someone’s In The Kitchen With Wings On… Kitchen Fairies

Kitchen Fairies

The winter doldrums are a time when homeowners begin to think seriously about sprucing up their dark, dank domiciles with a remodel.  According to our sources at home improvement stores, January through March are popular months for inside renovations, particularly those of a kitchen kind.

Makes sense, if you think about it. Contractor rates can be more negotiable for “inside jobs” while the weather outside is frightful.  The weather also keeps homeowners inside working on tasks, rather than outdoors puttering in the garden.  Plus homeowners can put their tax refunds to good use with a big home improvement project.

We have some great gift ideas for friends or family undertaking a kitchen remodel.  Why not present them with My Little Kitchen Fairies figurines (aka MLKF) designed by artist GG Santiago.  Or, even better, reward yourself with a set for being the domestic diva you surely are (or imagine yourself to be.) [Read more...]

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