Fairy Music

Fairy Music

What is music to a fairy’s ears?   Fairies enjoy the sounds of a spring rainstorm, a bubbling fountain, and waves crashing on the shore.  They love … [Continue reading]



Fairies love a good story. As far as a fairy audience is concerned, the bigger and more magic-packed the story is, the better.  The fae especially … [Continue reading]

Rainy Days and Dress Up


If children are a part of your life in any form (i.e.: grandchildren, nieces & nephews, godchildren, etc.), it’s mandatory to have a … [Continue reading]


Double Sided Fairy Pendant

A popular tradition of Christmas time consists of hanging decorated stockings by the fireplace to be filled by Santa Claus on his yearly excursion.  … [Continue reading]

Holiday Fairy Houses

Fairy Wishing Well

People have gone gaga over fairy houses and gardens.  No wonder. Fairy houses are adorable, easy to manage, and amazingly creative.  And miniature … [Continue reading]

Fancy A Fairy Tree

Christmas Tree Flower Fairy

Bows, garland, tinsel, twinkle lights…. it’s a well-known fact fairies love things with bling. They also love nature. This could explain why fairies … [Continue reading]

Frightfully Cute Fairy Figurines

Witch Fairy Takes Flight

Not everything about sugar is sweet. Too much candy can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, and moppet meltdowns.  But, like it or not, sweets have … [Continue reading]

Halloween Costume Couture

Adult Butterfly Fairy Costume

Halloween is a grand time to party.  You’re expected to dress up in an amazing, fantastical frock, and then help yourself to bowls of sweet treats.  … [Continue reading]

The Talented Mrs. Beskow

Children of The Forest Book

My friends at eFairies.com recently introduced to the amazing works of Elsa Beskow.  The store carries reprints of many of the classic books Elsa … [Continue reading]

Good Gourds!

Fiddlehead Fairy Pumpkin House

It’s good to be a gourd!  Not only are they beautiful – ripening into a variety of colors, sizes and shapes fit for a seasonal centerpiece – but they … [Continue reading]

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