Over 200 new Fairy Products, From Fairy Figurines, to Fairy Garden Products

Efairies is proud to announce that we have just launched over 200 new fairy products.  Fairy figurines, fairy garden accessories, fairy bundles –  for savings, and yes even our new line of fairy doors.  We have set out to be the largest fairy store out there and we are well on our way.  Our primary focus has always been the happiness of our clients and fairy entusiasits around the world, to ensure this ongoing satisfaction we had to choose the highest quality and greatest value fairy products.

Below you will find a few of our new additions to the Efairies product line-up.  If you would like to view all of our new products please visit our NEW PRODUCT SECTION HERE.

My Little Kitchen Fairie International Dessert Bundle of 7

My Little Kitchen Fairie International Dessert Bundle of 7 released March 2012. My Little Kitchen Fairies is an adorable line of mischievous fairies. Bright colors and whimsical poses make the pieces in this collection ideal for display in your kitchen, and make wonderful heart-warming gifts. A creation of acclaimed giftware artist G.G. Santiago. She watches pots boil over, distracting you with ease, Changing your favorite recipes, if she so does please. This Little Fairie can be sneaky- for when you think she’s gone, You might spot her in the cupboards, early in the dawn. Collect all 7 at a reduced price!

September Tinker Bell – Fairy Figurine

Enjoy a new Tinker Bell every month to help celebrate special birthdays, occasions or simply the passing of time. Each Tinker Bell interacts with the birth flower and proudly wears the birthstone around her neck. Birthstone: Sapphire Flower: Aster


Sunny…Sunkissed Fairy Figurine.

Sunny…Sunkissed Fairy Figurine. Nature’s Woodland Fairies will take you away to a mystical world of wonder and delight. The Sunflower symbolizes warmth and happiness.




Cloudburst~Myka Jelina Fairy Figurine

Cloudburst~Myka Jelina Fairy Figurine.  Cloudburst stands tall and proud with her Indian flair, apparent with her spear that she holds in her right hand and a few feathers in her hair.  She is stunning in her green and brown long skirt with a blue waist-cloth to highlight, and her brown boots with her blue and brown striped tights!  Note the striking tattoo that she wears on her left arm, and her brown wings!


Golden Harp Fairy Door

The land beyond this fairy door is full of musical enchantment, showcasing the role music plays in the life of the wee folk.  In this wonderful place, everything makes a beautiful sound, even alarm clocks, nails on a chalkboard, and fairy traffic.





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