April showers bring May flowers!

Woodland Fairy Baby in Leaf with Shirt

Woodland Fairy Baby in Leaf with Shirt

April showers bring May flowers! We have plenty of items to help decorate both indoor and out!

Our garden statues are perfect for ledges by the water feature or on a garden wall. All of our smaller trinkets are perfect to help the Easter Bunny stuff eggs to hide for the children (and some adults!).

Most importantly don’t forget about our garden miniatures! Build your dream Fairy Garden today!

Holiday Fairy Houses

Fairy Wishing Well

People have gone gaga over fairy houses and gardens.  No wonder. Fairy houses are adorable, easy to manage, and amazingly creative.  And miniature fairy cottages, cabins, or castles can now be accessorized with just aboutanything including outhouses, wishing wells, enamelware pots and pans, rubber boots, and even tiny garden gnomes.Miniature Fairy Out House

Here at eFairies, we’re always at the cutting edge of all things fairy.  Is it any wonder that we’ve taken the fairy house to a new level, winterizing it and decking its halls for the holidays?  We’ve turned the fairy domain into a place that would look right at home on Candy Cane Lane.

Dressing up a holiday fairy cottage or dollhouse is easy and only takes a few key pieces of decor.  A Mini String of Flashing Christmas Lights around the eaves, door, or windows of the home adds a touch of festive twinkle.  Position a Peppermint Fence or White Snow Village Fence in the Peppermint Lit Bare Branch Treefront yard, with a landscaping of Winter Berry Trees or the Peppermint Lit Bare Branch Trees “planted” nearby.  This will give the fairy abode a North Pole flare.

Oh course you’ll need a Peppermint Bench or two for weary fairies and elves to rest upon and catch their breath during the hectic holidays.  Also, a Village Wooden Log Pile is a necessary addition if your fairy residents want warm, cozy yuletide fires. And for those short winter days, Uptown Street Lights  are a must-have to keep the neighborhood cheery and safe.

The area around the fairy house can also be decorated with evergreen boughs, holly, pinecones, etc.  A facsimile of snow is always a nice touch, and really sets off the winter wonderland tone.Uptown Street Lights, Set of 2

So forget baking that messy Gingerbread House, or the dangerous task of hanging holiday lights on your eaves.  Instead, start a safe and crumb-free tradition of Christmasizing a fairy home.  You will soon have a fan base of fairies clamoring for more candy cane décor!!!
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Custom Fairy Doors From Efairies.com

E-Fairies is proud to announce Black Forest Fairy Doors! Black Forest Fairy Doors manufactures Fairy Doors exclusively for e-Fairies.com.  Black Forest Fairy Doors will now make custom doors to your specifications.  You can choose from our existing doors and make modifications or you can submit your own design, color or shape.  We can scale our existing doors larger or smaller or add modifications you wish to make.   All custom doors must be primarily made of wood.  After we discuss your design choices we will provide you with a price quote and time line for delivery.  Photo’s, drawings or color samples may be required to insure the final product meets your expectations. Please call e-Fairies.com at (800)726-4784 to begin the process.

The Beauty of the Barn – Little White Barn CO.


It has been an interesting

journey for Adam New of Menton, Ohio.  He and his wife Julie started their home-based business in “a little white barn,” not much bigger than a studio, in their backyard.  They built landscape carpentry items such as arbors and pergolas.  Their advertising overhead consisted of a sign in their front yard.  Through

word of mouth, their business of custom built wooden garden structures grew and prospered…until the downturn in the housing market.

The News decided to reinvent their Little White Barn business.  They first started making small troughs and stone items for landscapes, and developed them into little houses.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It took three years to develop the special stone formula used in creating the cottage and barn walls, designed to withstand the harshest winter weather.

Aidan’s Cottage, Lilly’s Landing Fairy House , Carling’s Cottage Fairy House, and Brenna’s Barn Fairy House are a few of the fabulous fairy homes Adam and Julie continue to build. These tiny structures are transformed into pieces of art by hand tooling, then accessorized with hand-forged wrought iron hardware, fairy doors, and tin roofs.  The roofs are removable, making them perfect places for fairies and their furnishings like Tea Time Armchairs, Tea Time Table and Chairs, and Miniature Fairy Garden Tool Sets.

When this homegrown company added these miniature stone buildings to their repertoire, Little White Barn caught the fancy of gardeners throughout the United States.  Avid collectors include the fairy gardener, a rapidly expanding part of the landscaping market; the miniature gardener, who always wants everything on a much smaller scale; and the urban gardener.

Thanks to hard work, and belief in your product, Little White Barn has weathered the recession, and even a tornado that destroyed the company’s namesake.  This unassuming, unpretentious business has grown from its humble beginnings into a store and workshop in the heart of Mentor, with a name that is recognized for quality, and a reputation that is built one satisfied customer at a time.

Making Your Fairy Garden Unique Using Miniature Garden Accessories

Building a fairy gardens, and miniature fairy gardens is one of our specialties here at Efairies, it’s also one of our favorite fairy projects.  Anyone can build a fairy garden but to make it truly unique can come as a challenge.  To be truly unique every fairy garden must have the right garden accessories, they must be colorful, magical, and more importantly fit your personality and the feel of the garden.  Below we have provided our top list of miniature garden accessories to make any fairy garden light up with the magic of the fairy world.

Melina Stone Color Fairy Fountain


Melina Stone Color Fairy Fountain. This lovely fairy fountain is based upon an innovative design with a complete base unit and pump with 6ft electrical cord, that allows water to cycle through the fountain with tranquil sound. Durable enough to with stand most weather due to the resin fiberglass composition. Not recommended for freeze conditions. Melina is relatively lightweight for easy transport from indoors to outdoor use. Ships in two boxes. 31.5″H30.5″ shell diameter width. Resin fiberglass

Fairy Garden Bricks (Set of 15)


Building magical pathways to different areas of your fairy garden, or used as barriers for miniature garden beds.  These miniature fairy garden bricks are the perfect fit for paving the way.  These bricks come in sets of 15, and are made in the USA by master potter Sally Watson a must have for every miniature garden.



Fairy Garden – Fire Pit Group (Set of 9)


As the fairies wind down for the evening, and celebrate the magic of the day beneath a starlit sky, this miniature fire pit is there to warm them against the child night air.  The glow and crackle of the fire while perched in there relaxing chairs made of leaves provides serenity and atmosphere.  This 9 piece miniature garden accessory comes with the fire pit, logs to stoke the fire, and 4 bright leaf chairs.



Twig Fairy Chair – Fairy Garden Accessory


Time to rest those weary feet and tired wings, this amazing twig fairy chair provides the comfort and break needed from the fairies day.  From the intricate back wood weaving to the wood stump seat detailing this an excellent addition to our fairy garden collection.




Vine Fence – Fairy Garden Accessory


Keeping un-wanted critters out of the fairies garden can be some what of a chore. But this adorable string of wooden fencing is sure to do the trick.  This real wood and metal fence works as a great border to and miniature garden bed, and can also be used to border many of our fairy houses.




Red Lantern – Fairy Garden Accessory


Lighting the path back to the fairies cottages from a of working on there gardens, is the glow of this perfectly designed red lantern.  Its glow can be seen up and down the paths of the fairy gardens keeping the path lit.  It’s sturdy metal holder and casing is sure to give years of use.  It is time to brighten up your miniature fairy garden!




Fairy Garden – Leaf Stepping Stones (Set of 5)


These round leaf embedded stepping stones provide the perfect addition to the previously mention miniature fairy brick paths.  Laying out these stepping stones to guide the paths of fairy land are perfect for rock walkways, and miniature flower bed paths.




Rustic Shovel – Fairy Garden Tool


With out the proper tools the fairy garden would be non existent, this rustic shovel does all the digging in this magical miniature fairy garden.  Its rustic handle, and scoop provide the unique aged and used look.






Finally to enter this magical miniature fairy garden Efairies has launched there new line of fairy doors exclusive only to Efairies.  These truly amazing hand crafted doors are sure to be eye catching and bring the appeareance of your garden to it s peak. Below you will find one version of our many we offer.

Gentle Giant Fairy Door 

This is small list of the hundreds of items we offer at Efairies.  Please visit our new product section for a list of over 200 new items that we have brought to Efairies.

Building Your Fairy Garden With Efairies.com

Fairy gardens are becoming more and more popular because of their beauty and versatility.  They offer the magical and tranquil appearance that every true fairy gardener and fairy enthusiast expects from their fairy world creations.  One of the hardest parts of creating a fairy garden is locating accessories, and materials to make your fairy garden one of a kind.  Here at Efairies.com we have made the search for the perfect fairy garden accessories, and products easy, we have truly amazing and unique collection.

Below you will find a few of our favorite fairy garden accessories, figurines, and other amazing décor.


 Butterfly Fairy Statuette – For Fairy Gardens


Butterfly Fairy Statuette. A stunning fairy statuette made with great attention to detail from her beautifully wings, lovely flowing dress, flower garland in her hair to the pretty flowers and leaves around her. Made in a cold cast bronze resin for indoor or outdoor use! The perfect addition to your magnificent fairy garden.


Bountiful Fairy – Fairy Garden Statue


Bountiful Fairy Garden Statue brings the generous promise of spring. With her multi colored basket of pastel flowers and her azure petal hat that compliments the light blue tints of her dress.



The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden 9 pc Accessory Kit with Book


Create a fairy garden with this fabulous garden fairy furniture and accessory kit. With its antique copper color wire and enchanting designs, the Fiddlehead miniature garden furniture and accessories are sure to be a hit with the fairies! Plus, this kit comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet on “How to Create a Living Miniature Garden.”  This is a great jump start to creating your miniature fairy garden.

Breena’s Barn Fairy Garden House


Breena’s Barn Fairy House. This barn is as grand as a castle with its old-world stone facade, fairy style doors, hand-forged wrought iron hardware, and decorative accessories. It is topped with a removable tin roof, and an area inside for a votive candle or to corral your favorite animal miniatures. It is as charming as it is tough, made with a stone formula developed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. A must have for any garden display.



These were just a few of Efairies.com favoirite fairy garden pieces.  Please go to the following links to view more of our magical fairy gardening, products

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