April showers bring May flowers!

Woodland Fairy Baby in Leaf with Shirt

April showers bring May flowers! We have plenty of items to help decorate both indoor and out! Our garden statues are perfect for ledges by the water feature or on a garden wall. All of our smaller trinkets are perfect to help the Easter Bunny stuff eggs to hide for the children (and some … [Continue reading]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

My Little Kitchen Fairies - Fairie Decorating Cookie Figurine

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you wake up feeling lucky? If not no worries, efairies.com has you covered! We have plenty of gold fairy dust to stamp or sprinkle on with a star wand applicator. Our great selection of wands will keep bad luck at bay with a flick or a wave. We even have one with fairy … [Continue reading]

Valentine’s Day Greetings!

Red Glass Heart

Roses are red, violets are blue, and nothing says love like a fairy gift from me to you. All year long the fairies demonstrate the importance of … [Continue reading]

2014 has arrived!

The New Year has arrived! Now is the time for resolutions and a fresh start. We put our best foot forward and use all our knowledge from past years to … [Continue reading]

Season’s Greetings and Good Tidings

Winter Wonderland Fairy Keepsake Box

Busy as bees all year round. The Holidays are here already! Let’s sing, dance, and rejoice as fairies often do! Don’t fret over dirty dishes; the … [Continue reading]

The Gift of Giving

Fairy Cooking Cookbook

The gift of giving is from the heart and no dollar amount can be put on it. The fairies have set a good example for us to model after, following in … [Continue reading]



It’s true that eFairies has everything fairy, from throw blankets and jewelry to costumes, calendars, and figurines.  But we also carry merchandise … [Continue reading]



Ambiance is all about setting the mood, and proper lighting is a sure way to achieve it.  From cheerful and fun, to warm and cozy, eFairies’ fairy … [Continue reading]

Fairy Gardening – Create YOUR own fairy garden!


Creating a fairy garden is not rocket science, but it does involve some research and planning in order to achieve the desired results.  FAIRY … [Continue reading]

Fairy Babies


The birth of the New Year’s Baby ushers in hope for the fledgling 2013.  Right now, ‘13 is bright, shiny, and full of promise, and we’re still on top … [Continue reading]

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